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Apartment Cleaning Bellevue

Having a hard time cleaning your apartment? Stressed by the amount of dirt in the small spaces in your home? Are you tired of trying all methods of cleaning with no better results? We’ve got you! Delacruz janitorial Service provide the most efficient and professional apartment cleaning services in the USA. We understand the dynamics of apartment cleaning, the places which will need a deep cleansing. The right cleaning techniques and tried/tested methods. Your apartment wouldn’t feel like home unless it’s clean and cozy the way you dream it to be. At Delacruz, we aim to give you the best cleaning service that’ll make your apartment so shiny you’ll be proud. Even the dirtiest of places you didn’t fathom cleaning, our professional cleaners will clean and leave spotless for you to admire.

We offer apartment sincere cleansing service additionally for a thorough purification of your residence from all the mug and germs. The best part about Delacruz apartment cleaning bellevue is that you’ll have your house cleaned precisely the way you want as our employees are trained to be friendly and accommodating for all your suggestions and cleaning methods including our own. Also, you won’t have to worry about taking a day off the work or leaving someone behind at your apartment for we schedule are’ mission apartment cleanup’ according to your needs.

You can sit back and relax while our team members make every corner of your house speckless. From your bathrooms, guestrooms to your kitchen, bedrooms and living area, we make sure every space is left sparkling after the process. To have no complaints from our dear customers is our goal and so far we’ve gladly had pleased customers. Who are 100% satisfied with our job in making their apartments look and smell heavenly.

Apartment cleaning Bellevue
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What makes us special for the apartment cleaning Washington  job?

It is our values and standards that make our customers trust us for the job.

We are registered

The significance of choosing a registered, insured company is unparalleled. Your safety and health cannot be compromised that’s why Delacruz makes sure to hire healthy individuals with a complete background check and who further undergo extensive training to meet our standards and deliver expert cleaning services to our customers.

Finest quality work

Our professional team members are well trained and well equipped to make the process of apartment cleaning quick and flawless. Our members will be at your place on the scheduled time and have a cleaning plan in their hands. The program can be altered catering to your needs and methods changed as per your preference.

Fixed rates/no hidden charges

We understand the trust you put in us by booking us to clean your apartment and thus have affordable prices which are importantly set with no hidden fees. Our consistent values and quality will surely make you our regular customers opening doors to a long term ethical commitment.

We value your time

To not let a second of our customer’s time go down the drain, we have efficient schedules customized to or your needs and punctuality engraved in each of us at Delacruz. From the H.R department to the service order takers and the working team, every process is done efficiently to deliver our best at the comfort of your apartment. You wouldn’t complain about our member to ever be late from the scheduled time or lethargic. While cleaning the studio, it is out of the question in our dictionary of customer care service.

Customized touch at our hands

Many people are hesitant to book an apartment cleaning Washington service. Because they aren’t satisfied with the results and cleaning their apartment has to be at their hands. We make sure that our members are open to communication. So you can have your residence cleaned your way and receive the best results, an odorless, shiny and fragrant home when our team leaves.


No compulsions at Delacruz unless it compromises our core values which are in best interests of our customers. Whether its payment methods or cleaning plan, schedules, we are very flexible for the ease of our customers. You can have us at your service any day of the week between the working hours that suit you. However, you can pay us through credit cards/visa cards/ bank transfer either way that floats your boat. Our members can adjust to the cleaning order you lay as we believe in giving you mental peace first and foremost.

Booking couldn’t be easier

Call us at our given number and talk through all the possibilities rates and extra services you can have, we are very welcoming to all your queries and requests and will make sure to accommodate your needs.

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