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Commercial cleaning Washington service is there for cleaning of your workplace including office buildings, banks, grocery store, factories and any other. Although the workers temporarily clean the workplace but neither do not. They have enough time nor do they expertize in cleaning. So, due to lack of attention toward cleaning, offices and commercial places becomes much messy with dirty floor and carpets, stained walls, dusty and bad germ containing toilets and dirt deposited in the corners of tables, telephones and interior furniture. All this in combine give a messy, unclean, dirty and unhygienic look to your office indeed your personality, habits, hygiene and company.

Commercial cleaning services are essential to hiring for creating an efficient while clean work environment for the owner of the industrial setup, its clients and workers. A good reputation of any organization depends upon its cleanliness, environment, reliability and efficiency. And for the cleansing of your organization. Commercial cleaning Washington services by Delacruz janitorial service are the best option for you ever.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We provide complete commercial cleaning service at an affordable price at short notice. Our cleaning service relies on efficient cleaning methods, advanced cleaning technology, expertized, and trained, reliable and professional workers. Delacruz cleaning service took care that every nook and cranny is clean, germ-free and spotless. Our commercial cleaning service cleans from floor to ceiling not leaving a single spot of workplace cleaning.

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commercial cleaning
Commercial cleaning Bellevue
Commercial cleaning Washington

Carpets of the offices or commercial buildings cleaned by using different methods depending on the type of carpet and its dirt penetrated condition. Floors washed with specific germicide detergent that cleans all the stuck dirt and kills all the germs leaving a clean, fresh, and shining and germ-free floor. Toilets cleaned properly. All the stains from the tiles, walls, floor and washbasin of toilets and antibacterial treatment are given to properly sanitize the bathrooms. Moreover, our services give you a hygienic environment at your workplace. However, walls, ceiling and windows are dust wiped adequately and you will be amazed to see that all the mess, dirt and spots vanish by using commercial cleaning services by janitorial services once.

For example, some attributes of our company are:


Our commercial cleaning Bellevue service chooses the high quality, safe and biodegradable and scented cleaning agents to prevent you from lousy odor while cleaning, kills microbes and also safe for the environment and didn’t harm our ecosystem.

Safety and health

Safety and health of our clients is our priority while adopting any cleaning mechanism and cleaning agent. A complete cleaning and antimicrobial treatment are also given for securing the clients’ health.


Our company sets low and affordable prices for clients and provides complete cleaning packages at the least prices. To avoid burdening the economics of clients so that you can avail our commercial cleaning services regularly after short environment maintain the cleanliness of your workplace.


Your convenience is the uppermost priority of our company. Thus the service is available all the time and would be there as soon as you contact them.


Delacruz janitorial service is a registered and licensed company working for 15 years. Honesty and credibility is our primary motive. Commercial places, including banks, company headquarters and May others are susceptible places. So, care should be adopted while allowing someone to enter the location for cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services took care of your premises. We sent a team of reliable and professional workers whose record is maintained. We take care of all your problems and try to ease in all the possible ways.

Whether the business setup is small or large, local or international; our commercial cleaning services provide high-quality cleaning services covering the entire building and its extremities. The whole of the company depends upon its formal structure, neat and clean environment and highly trained employees.

 Cleaning Benefits

If you are having a full-fledge infra-structure, a beautiful location and interior of your commercial building. But the dirty carpets, floor, tiles, stained and dust deposited on the sides. The corners of tables and toilets are dirty and have a bad odor. The whole image of your company of franchise ruined in just second. To avoid this, maintain a clean office environment by hiring commercial cleaning services frequently and get free from all these problems. The conflict between the employees on creating and leaning the mess will also be removed. They will pay them all attention toward the work.

Our commercial cleaning Bellevue,Washington service will cover all the aspects of cleaning and provide services according to the industrial sites.

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