Residential Cleaning

Residential House Cleaning Services

Your home is not just a house. It is a sanctuary, where you can relax and feel free, unwind, you spend time with your loved ones. You probably have children’s of your own or have they come over to the house over the weekend. It is a place where you can feel free and do whatever you like, but no one wants their home dirty, not even yourself. At Delacruz Janitorial Services we do more than just regular cleaning in the house. We understand the importance of the house and go the extra mile to give you the satisfaction of a neat and tidy home. From daily housekeeping service to residential cleanings and seasonal cleaning services. Our professional cleaners can provide you with an excellent experience in residential house cleaning services.

Benefits of Hiring us

We have worked with a lot of homes over the period, and we have a real happy clientele. Our professional cleaners are always prompt on time and do their job with responsibility. Our cleaners are all trustworthy and even if you are not at home. You have nothing to worry about. The equipment for residential cleaning we use is also environment-friendly, so having children’s at the house is also no problem for us. If you have a requirement which involves chemicals which are not suitable for the child, you would be notified before so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Working with Delacruz Janitorial Services, you can also take advantage of our other residential cleaning services too

Regular Cleaning

You can hire us for routine  residential house cleaning as well. So if you do a career-oriented job and have very little time during the week and on the weekends you are tired and don’t want to clean the house. Don’t worry, give us a call and get benefit from our regular cleaning service. You have to provide us with access to your house/apartment/condo, and our cleaners can go to your place on your given time and clean the house with perfection. So when you come back home tired from work, you feel fresh and relax in the spotless apartment.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning always Lightens up the room any time of the year. The spring cleaning involves the extra bit of effort to clean the house inside out. Our professional cleaners will clean inside of your cupboards and under the sink cabinets. They will clean the carpets, curtains, and sofas as well. So you can feel fresh in your home once the residential cleaning is completed. Our cleaners will also clean the pesky limescale, which builds up in your toilet and makes it look superb. All is going to require to give your house a new look is one day of cleaning from our professionals. Then your home will look immaculate.

Tenancy Cleaning

Moving House can be a lot of stress. We know because we have helped quite a few numbers of our client with tenancy cleaning. So let us sort it out for you as we have experience. We can clean your new and old place so you have to focus on moving your things instead of cleaning the apartment. We can be very flexible with the timing when we can work on odd hours as well to give you the extra help that you need on the day of moving. Or if you have any special requirements before or after the movie. You have to let us know beforehand and everything will be arranged for you.

Post Builder cleaning

Getting your house back from builders can be a daunting task. Cleaning your house after finishing renovations is hard and a time-consuming task and if you don’t know what you are doing you might get everything wrong and may spoil the new paint. You have to call us and let us know what time suits you best. Our team of professionals will come to your place for analysis and let you know how it can be done and how long will it take. Our cleaners are professional enough to give you exact numbers with everything.


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