Window Cleaning

Cleaning is indeed time-consuming and demanding chore especially when it comes to clean windows. We understand that in present-day’s daily grind it’s quite unendurable to be able to manage window cleaning weekly or even monthly. In need of trustworthy personals to leave your dwelling’s panes dust-free and sparkling?

Delacruz Janitorial Services present Window Cleaning Washington- an absolute relief to all your cleaning stresses!

Have your window panes and sills filled with dust? Are there any water stains or scratch marks? Let our professionals take the responsibility to relieve your stress. Window Cleaning Washington provides one time, weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annually hiring services to make windows of your home or business spotless.
Home cleaning is hectic and tiresome, it demands a professional team to work on it. Cleaning window panes, sills, and glass specifically those which are at a certain height is laborious and risky to be done by one’s own self. Moreover one can’t find time to wash them precisely. Pertaining to the problem, We brought Home cleaning services for our customers all across Washington. Our team is comprised of trustworthy individuals who are well trained and knows to mark their work efficiently. From the large panes of your business organizations to your small residential windows. We are experienced to tackle all the hurdles while fulfilling cleaning requirements of our customers as our priority is to satisfy customers with our work for which we are paid.

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Window Cleaning

Home window cleaning is inadequate if the exterior of your windows is full of debris and marks. Exterior window cleaning is significant as dusky windows cause less natural light to enter and provoke darkness. It also gives rise to mildew leaving damped and filthy exterior. Moreover, window cleaning is essential as it is the first thing an investor or a visitor passerby will come across and it will directly have an influence upon your progress. Our team is expert in clearing dusky exteriors almost instantly, in a very short time. Along with the exterior, interior window cleaning is also a part of our routine job. We clean a number of interior windows every day. Besides interior window cleaning. We also offer window restoration which includes using special equipment and knowledge to minimize smudges, scratches or stains thus reducing your replacement cost.

Efficiency and productivity

A professional team providing home cleaning should not only know how to clean. It should also consider how to complete their work within the duration. We understand the importance of your time and thus have directed our team to work completely yet efficiently to save our customer’s valuable time. For that, we had trained our team through various programs and sessions to take out most from them.

No surprises, fixed prices

We offer fixed prices for all of our services. The amount you were quoted is the amount you pay. No extra charges or taxes. We won’t surprise you for any extra payment, the amount for all of the cleaning services is fixed.

Customer-friendly environment

Our entire team had been through learning extensive customer care skills therefore, each individual of our team is well aware of how to deal with customers and is friendly and polite. We want customer satisfaction and therefore. We can’t compromise on the quality of our services, thus maintaining friendly and polite behavior is among the significant virtues.

Customer Satisfaction

You may make payment after manually checking all the windows, window sills and frames for any dust or scratch marks. Once you get satisfied with the work that we made it to your expectations then make payment and provide us with your valuable feedback as there is always a room for improvement. In light of your feedback, we’ll strive to improve the quality of our services.

Deep cleaning

Our professionals perform a thorough cleaning of all your interior and exterior windows ensuring that they won’t capture dirt or scratches easily. For that, we use a special kind of solution for cleaning which is not locally available in the market except the authorized personals.


Waiting for a whole day to get your cleaning job done is quite annoying and not recommended. Choose our cleaning service and get benefit whenever you want!


We always keep our words when it comes to being punctual. Our team understands the delicacy of time and therefore, they never gate late. Marking our words is one of the reasons for our popularity among customers.

We believe that a cleaner environment leads to a healthy and prosperous future! Choose Delacruz Janitorial Services for your window cleaning requirements to make this decision count among one of the best decisions you have ever made!

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